Jason was always a good kid. He didn't get into much trouble growing up. He did typical kid stuff. He and his sister were very close as they were army brats for the first 15 and 13 years of their lives. He accepted Jesus when he was 11. His best friend from 12 to 15 was a preachers son. Jason liked the Martial Arts. He liked to play guitar and was a really good performer.
When he started high school, he started having behavior problems. The boy was extremely smart. His Jr high reading comprehension was equal to college level comp. Brilliant mind but he didn't want to conform. He dropped out of school at 18. He moved out and did his own thing for a number of years. His behavior seemed to get stranger and stranger as time went on. Eventually, he landed in jail for a couple of different charges. One time, the prosecutor came up to me and said, "He's not right." She recommended to the judge to get a mental evaluation done. The evaluation was done and they said he suffered from schizophrenia and other personality disorders. He went to an institution for a couple of months and they released him to come home. He lived at home for 6 months or so and with the help of behavior management, got himself a job and his own place to live. He was lucid and happy again.
A year later, he was getting a ride with some people who got pulled over by the police. They ID'd him and took him in on a warrant for a charge that supposedly was dropped on the condition of his being found to have a mental condition. While in the jail, they took away his prescription medicine that helped him stay well. He was release 2 weeks later and would never take his medicine again
It was 5 months after his last release that I got a call from the sheriffs office.
Jasons service was on a Monday. Just like South Dakota in February, it snowed and the wind blew and the church was packed with over 300 people who God sent to love on us during our time of need
Not a day goes by that I don't think about my son. Jason you can finally rest now.