Maurice "Mo" Miller

My story in bmx started way, way back in the old days. 1976 to be specific. There I am, 11 years old doing things that all young boys do with their bikes--making sketchy jumps and trying hard to emulate our motorcycle motocross heroes. I found a local bike track and begged my folks to take me. I was not nearly as cool as I thought. There were kids that were seriously fast, had incredibly cool race bikes, and were really cool to me! My first race I ended up 6th out of 7. The next race I ended up 3rd and even got a ribbon! I was hooked at that point. Needless to say I have been in and out of the race scene since then. Wow! 43yrs! I can say proudly that I have garnered two Number One District Plates and one State Championship Number One Plate. The first in 1990 and then two for 2018 (District and State Champion.) Even if I would have never been awarded a number one this sport has taught me many things. How to win or lose with grace, good sportsmanship, and that any result is of my making, not anyone else’s’. I have made friendships over the years that never waned. I may run into an old race buddy from years past and it is as though we have not seen each other for a few weeks. We are still good friends AND arch enemies on the track if/when we race just like we were teenagers again, which we are not! We restarted the race team Dreambmx.com this past year. A local team that was around in the early 2000s that faded away as members grew up and moved on. We started it again in the hopes of bringing youngsters and folks new to bmx into this family-oriented sport (not only do the children race, but so do mom and dad these days) by seeing our team and how we operate. Our mission is simple. Do your best, have fun, and be an ambassador of the sport. At present we have 6 riders. The youngest being 8 and the oldest is 54! This shows that all ages can participate and have a great time.

Michael "Dream" Weaver

Back in the early to middle 1970's, I was a typical Southern Californian. I had long hair, liked to ride skateboards, jump my bicycle, and played little league baseball. I somehow heard about this new “sport” called bicycle motocross or BMX for short. All of us kids were into modifying our bicycles to try to look like motocross motorcycles and we loved splashing in the mud and jumping our bikes off of improvised ramps, dirt mounds or whatever we could find. This new sport seemed very appropriate for us at this time. So as a youngster, I raced BMX.  I raced BMX from 1973 to 1983.  In 1976, my younger brother started racing BMX also. The SoCal scene started getting a bit too sketch for my folks around then so they loaded us all up and moved to Northern California where BMX quite hadn’t caught on yet. My father worked diligently with the local parks and recreation departments, the Lions club, and other organizations to promote BMX in our little community. After much hard work, he finally was able to organize some BMX racing in Susanville California which lasted roughly 3 years. However, in order to get some “real competition” we had to travel and that’s what we did. My dad drove us all over Northern California and Nevada to go to races. I got pretty good at it and even won a “national” in 1981. My mom was a fantastic promoter and rustled up some decent sponsors for my brother and I. At first we sponsored by “Mom and Dad”. Later on, we were able to sign agreements with Shimano, Vans, Premier, SAD, and GJS. We had conversations with other companies such as Robinson and Skyway but were never able to come to an agreement.  I had turned “semi-pro” in the latter half of 1982 and started to lose interest in BMX. I raced occasionally throughout 1983 and hung up my helmet by the end of the year.  Although I had given up on BMX, it still persisted and had taken other forms such as freestyle and skate-park in addition to traditional racing.

I was so burned out on racing that I didn’t even own a bicycle from 1984 to 2001.

Then one night in 2002, I saw a BMX track with races being held and stopped by to check it out. Once again I was hooked.  This time I raced for a brief 4 years. In that time, I had several wonderful sponsors and won many national events including the ABA grands in 2005.

When I stated racing again in 2002, the kids called me “dreamweaver”. It seemed like a lot of the racers had nicknames at the time. Late 2003, I formed my own team and we called it “Dreambmx”. I bought the domain “dreambmx.com” and have owned it ever since.  

I formed the first DreamBMX team in 2004. The original team consisted of Victoria and Rachael Hopperdietzel, Dabion Bachtold, Landon Schmidt, and myself. Gordon Hopperdietzel was the team Co-Manager. Other team members and guest team members (between 2004 and 2006) were Maurice “Mo” Miller, Lee, Austin, and Ashleigh Geddings, Brad Stover, Dave Peterson, Christine Wolfe, Chris Desgranges, and Robert and Jillian Anderson.

My Race Bio:
Years Racing: 1973 to 1983; 2002 to 2006.

1973 to 1983 - Parents, Norwalk Bikers, A&W Transmission, The Bike Shop, Ponderosa Cyclery, Shimano, Vans, Premier, SAD, GJS.

2002 to 2006 – Self, Vintage BMX, WD-40, Skyway, Moto-Mag, Dreambmx.com, Kappa, Staats, Dingo Bmx, Kovachi Wheels, Parkside Designs, Fly.

Notable Stats:
Reno Parks and Rec, First BMX race in Reno Nv, Winner. (1976)
IBMX, California Cup #2 qualifier. Reno Nv. (1977)
NBA:    Multiple local and regional wins and podium finishes. (1979-1983)
  Multiple national main event qualifications. (1979-1983)
  Pepsi Pro-Am Winner (1981).
  District “N” Points,  #3 (1981).
ABA:     Multiple local and regional wins and podium finishes. (1980-1983; 2002-2006)
      Multiple national main event qualifications. (1982-1983, 2002-2006)
  Multiple National event podium finishes. (2004-2006)
  Land O’ Lakes National, St Cloud MN. Winner (2005)
      Grandnationals, Tulsa OK, Winner (2005)
      Cornhusker National, Kearney NE. Winner (2006)
NBL:     Multiple local and regional wins and podium finishes. (1982-1983)
  National main event podium finish. (2005)
  District/State points Champion (SD) (2005)



Jackson Bloomgren

Jackson has a love for the thrill of a good adventure. Whether it is in the outdoors or on the track he prefers to be challenged all while spending time learning more about the sport he pursues. He has a deep love for his family and is very considerate which shows in his team player mentality. He has been racing for just a short time and looks to forward to improving with each lap that he takes! He has been bitten by the “BMX bug” and looks forward to each chance to get on and pedal as hard as he can!

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